Toll refining

Different options for when payment for the precious metals is due offer you a high degree of flexibility in the payment models. During processing, the settlement for your material is based on an exact wet-chemical ICP-OES analysis.

  • Transport - We take over the planning, correct customs clearance as well as the organisation of transport in accordance with waste management legislation
  • Re-Use - Diesel particulate filters are carefully dismantled and returned after a visual inspection
  • Separation - We separate components that do not contain precious metals and can send them for recycling for a fee
  • Empties management - We take over the management and the return of empties

Talk to us about your requirements – together we will find a solution.

Truck exhaust aftertreatment systems / individual components contaminated with oil are excluded from acceptance. There is a visual inspection before dismantling. If contaminated systems are included, we charge a flat rate of 150 euros per exhaust aftertreatment system. There is no payment for such systems.


Goods receiving
Analysis (XRF)
Down payment possible
Down payment possible
Wet-chemical analysis
Early settlement of the contract against prepayment
Early settlement of the contract against prepayment
Maturity of the precious metals

Your advantages at a glance

  • Collection as agreed
  • Settlement based on the highly precise wet-chemical analysis (ICP-OES)
  • Payment after the results of the quick X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) are available possible for ceramic material
  • Flexible payment models

We would be pleased to prepare a specific recycling concept with you.

Raw material recovery from truck catalytic converters

Raw material recovery from truck catalytic converters
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