Precious Metal Management

When it comes to toll refining orders, we provide our professional precious metal management offering which includes comprehensive services and information covering the precious metals contained in your materials.

You have a choice of different settlement options which are flexible and individually customized to your needs. We can trade or secure your precious metals at the daily rates or sell them on a fixed date.

As the physical processing of your precious metals takes a certain amount of time, and your capital is tied up accordingly, we also offer a pre-financing option. Down payments are already possible on delivery, based on precious metal fixed prices.

Our international precious metal experts are always on hand to assist you and happy to advise you personally on our various trading options – to best meet your needs and protect your assets.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fixing the precious metals with subsequent payout
  • Run and manage a precious metal account
  • Physical provision of the precious metals, e.g. in the form of bars