Our contribution to the sustainable supply of precious metals

Precious metals are our passion. Our strong foundation is based on the values of our family-run company.

And that’s how we deal with our customers and business partners – with passion and expertise. We also place enormous value on cooperation based on trust and partnership, as well as on the accountability of each individual.

Every day we set out to prove that we are your first choice when it comes to the conservation of precious metals.


We close the Loop in Precious Metals



Collection of materials containing precious metals, such as end-of-life catalytic converters from car dismantlers.

Collection and classification

The materials are then picked up and classified by our experts.


The precious-metal-bearing carrier material and the non-precious-metal-bearing steel casing are separated.


The precious-metal-bearing components are then ground to a fine homogeneous powder.

Sampling and value determination

The subsequent sampling process is used to collect a small representative sample of material on the basis of which a valuation is made for several tonnes of material.


The material from the homogeneous powder is enriched in the pyrometallurgical refining process and high-purity precious metal is obtained.

Precious metals

This is followed by the physical provision of the precious metals (as bars, sponge, powder). We offer a range of comprehensive services in precious metal management – from a precious metal account to precious metal trading.

Industrial usage, e.g. catalytic converters, mobile phones, jewellery and much more

Ultimately, the precious metals recovered are used for new, mostly industrial purposes, such as in mobile phones or catalytic converters.

Our values

The following five values are base of our success:

Because conserving resources is something that we’re passionate about, we always strive to develop precious metal recycling solutions that are optimally tailored to the needs of each and every customer.

We hold all of our customers, associates and employees in high esteem, and work hand in hand with them in order to achieve the success of all concerned.

We continuously increase our knowledge and expertise so as to achieve the greatest possible efficiency and quality – because we feel duty bound to our customers to do so.

We trust and respect each other. Our customers know that they can always rely on our expertise and process precision.

We assume responsibility for each other, our customers, our society and the environment. To this end, we provide each other with mutual support, and also sponsor social and athletic projects in our region.

We commit ourselves to act in accordance with the code of conduct of the German Precious Metals Association

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