Industrial catalytic converters

Whether biogas plants, natural gas plants or coffee roasting facilities – many industrial applications rely on exhaust gas aftertreatment systems in which catalytic converters or diesel particulate filters are used to reduce harmful emissions and ensure compliance with the statutory emissions standards.

Precious metals, predominantly platinum, but sometimes palladium and rhodium as well, enable the environmentally friendly removal of pollutants to ensure the sustainable protection of our planet. At the end of their useful life, the precious metals are recovered from industrial catalytic converters. We then return the secondary raw materials to the production cycle.

Reliable services

Depending on the quantity and material, we offer a wide range of services including toll refining or purchasing for these types of catalytic converters.

Stationary applications

Biogas and natural plants

Coffee roasting facilities

Industry plants

Mobile applications


Construction machinery


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Precious Metal Recovery from Industrial Catalytic Converters
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