Additional Materials

Precious metals can be found in a whole array of material types such as oxygen sensors. But future-ready drive systems such as fuel cells also use precious metals. Depending on the material type and quantity, we offer unique recycling solutions.

Fuel cells

Over the past years, fuel cells have gained importance as energy converters, both in stationary and mobile applications. The electrode plates in the fuel cells are mostly made of metal or carbon and are coated with platinum, palladium or ruthenium to generate the catalytic effect.

Currently, the recovery of used fuel cells in the recycling loop is still fairly low, but constantly increasing. If you are interested in recycling fuel cells, please contact us: We will be pleased to provide you with a customized offer.

Application areas of fuel cells




Oxygen sensors

The oxygen sensor which is used to optimize the catalytic converter essentially comprises a special ceramic body whose surface is furnished with gas-permeable platinum electrodes.

As recycling professionals, we know what your oxygen sensors are made of and are able to recover the valuable precious metal. Depending on the quantity, choose between toll refining or purchasing for your oxygen sensors.


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