Whether in computers, mobile phones or cars - all electronic components contain precious metals such as gold, palladium and silver. To enable you to recover these metals sustainably and economically, we offer customized recycling solutions. Depending on the type and quantity of the material, we will develop just the right recycling concept for your needs.

Reliable services

We recycle your electronic components in a resource-friendly and economic manner.

Whether purchasing or toll refining, i.e. the processing, sampling and settlement of your material on the basis of a precious metal analysis, is worthwhile depending on various factors such as the current precious metal prices, the composition or quality of the material as well as the quantity.

We will be happy to recycle the following materials for you




Class 3


Mixed electronic components

We can recycle these materials for you

We recycle circuit boards and electronic components with the waste code numbers 16 02 14, 16 02 16 & 16 02 15*.

Please make sure that the material is dry and that all large metal parts, frames or pipes have been removed. In addition, there may be no contaminants or other harmful or hazardous substances, including batteries, rechargeable batteries (in particular lithium-ion batteries), mercury-containing components, PCB- or PCT-containing capacitors and components or radioactive material.

Due to the legal restrictions, we cannot accept the following materials:

Complete devices, TFT monitors and displays larger than 10cm x 10cm.

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