Our quality standards

All processes are subject to a permanent improvement process within an integrated quality and environmental management system. Regardless of whether we’re preparing a offer, sorting and processing material, or performing analyses, our stringent procedures are observed to the letter. That’s how we guarantee you maximum recovery of your precious metals. Our management and production processes are audited regularly and certified. Our mission is to continuously optimise our processes and to provide you with the best service.


Everything is under control

Right from the start, your materials are in safe hands with us. You can have peace of mind that the flow of your goods is fully documented and is fully transparent so that it can be tracked. As a certified company we stand for process reliability and high standards of quality, across all levels.

Protecting your material is what matters to us. For this reason, our sites are subject to the highest safety standards; we ensure continuous monitoring of your materials – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether through professional safety experts or by using state-of-the-art video surveillance and alarm systems – you can have peace of mind that we always keep a close eye on your material.

HRD Hydrogen Europe (EN)

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HRD: ISO 9001 (DE)

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HRD: ISO 9001 (EN)

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HRD: ISO 14001 (DE)

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HRD: ISO 14001 (EN)

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HRD: ISO 45001 (DE)

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HRD: ISO 45001 (EN)

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HRD: CrefoZert (DE)

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HRD: Carbon Footprint (DE)

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HRD: Umweltpakt Bayern (DE)

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HRD: Unternehmensnetzwerk Klimaschutz (DE)

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HRF: Récépissé Négoce et Courtage de déchets (FR)

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HRF: Récépissé de déclaration Transport de déchets (FR)

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HRF: Arrêté d’exploiter N° 1073 (FR)

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HRNA: ISO 9001 (EN)

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HRUK: Bespoke Permit (EN)

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HRNA: ISO 14001 (EN)

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HRUK: Scrap Metals Dealers Act (EN)

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HRNA: ISO 45001 (EN)

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HRUK: Waste Carrier Registration (EN)

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BIR Membership

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