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I nostri comunicati stampa Vi tengono costantemente al corrente di nuovi eventi e avvenimenti che riguardano Hensel Recycling.

FINAL REPORT – “ReSi-Norm” recycling of PV modules

After two years, together with the Fraunhofer IWKS and its project partners DKE and VDE, we have successfully concluded the research project “ReSi-Norm – Standardization of recycling processes for silicon solar modules“. During the project, different processes for recycling PV modules were evaluated, compared and tested. In principle, a differentiation is made between mechanical, thermal […]

Women in Precious Metals

Anna Marchisio, Business Development Manager Anna Marchisio si dedica con passione all’esplorazione di nuove opportunità riguardanti materiali contenenti metalli preziosi, che potrebbero arricchire il portafoglio di Hensel Recycling. “Poiché i catalizzatori esausti si profilano come un modello in declino nel medio termine, stiamo perseguendo un approccio di espansione e crescita per posizionarci in modo più […]

Webinar: “H2 Economy: Recycling Solutions for the Future”

Under the motto “H2 Economy: Recycling Solutions for the Future”, Anna Marchisio and Orhun Dedeci conducted a Hydrogen Moves webinar on February 28th, 2023. Among other things, they presented the previous results of the EU-funded project BEST4Hy, in which Hensel Recycling has already been one of the project partners for two years in order to develop recycling solutions for fuel cells.

Metal foil converter recycling at Hensel Recycling

Different types of catalytic converters contain different cores, either a ceramic monolith or a metal foil with platinum, palladium, and rhodium. For both types, Hensel Recycling offers sustainable recycling solutions and professional sampling systems. How our foil catalyst processing works, we show you in our current videos – have a look!

Platinum ink and ionomer from fuel cells

Another great success in fuel cell recycling at Hensel Recycling. In addition to the recovery of platinum salt, we are pleased to announce that we have implemented another technology that allows us to recover the platinum ink as well as the ionomer (membrane) from fuel cells.

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