Since 2019, Hensel Recycling has been supporting the “DU MUSST KÄMPFEN!” initiative – which translates as “YOU HAVE TO FIGHT!” – as part of the “Donations instead of gifts” Christmas campaign. This organisation facilitates invaluable therapy for many children suffering from cancer.

The initiative was founded by Jonathan Heimes, a promising talent in German tennis. He sadly lost his fight with cancer. But with his “DU MUSST KÄMPFEN!” foundation, he continues to create hope for many young people affected: sport promotes the recovery of children suffering from cancer. This has been proven in many long-term studies. During this difficult time, special sports courses and psychosocial support, which are often not paid for by health insurance, support the recovery of the children. In addition, the young people and their loved ones are also shown the joy of life.

The employees of Hensel Recycling also got involved and collected a total of 500 euros at the company’s Christmas drinks event. Wearing a bracelet also raises the initiative’s profile, with the intention of encouraging other people to donate.

You can find further information about the initiative at: