Hensel Recycling awarded credit certificate

of 1 July 2020

In June 2020 the “CrefoZert” credit certification was again bestowed on Hensel Recycling. The independent auditor thus again acknowledges the excellent creditworthiness of Hensel Recycling.

The certification is based on a professional analysis of the annual financial statement conducted by Creditreform Rating AG, along with credit-relevant data from current business sources and assessments of the company’s present situation and future prospects.

Companies request auditing of their credit themselves in order to obtain an objective proof of their creditworthiness, as in the case of Hensel Recycling. The global expert for catalytic converter recycling more than satisfied all criteria of the exhaustive analysis.

The good results of the balance sheet analysis and low default risk information is provided by Creditreform to all business partners inquiring about the company over the last year. The certificate is valid for one year and must also comply with the criteria during this period.

Click here to download the current certification.

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