Hensel Recycling, a leading company in precious metals recycling, announces the successful completion of an acquisition agreement of California based Red Fox Resources. The partnership will further strengthen Hensel Recycling’s position in the US and North American markets.

Hensel Recycling has been active in the North American market for almost 15 years and has established itself as one of the leading providers in the recycling of materials containing precious metals. Originally specializing in the recycling of metal foil converters, the company has continuously expanded its material portfolio in recent years. The East Coast facility in West Berlin, NJ is one of the largest branches of the Hensel Recycling Group with more than 30 employees.

“We welcome the Red Fox team to the Hensel Recycling Group family. Both companies share the same core values and passion for recycling, and we look forward to a successful future.” Thomas Hensel, Chairman, Hensel Recycling Group

Red Fox Resources has spent over a decade growing a business focused on recycling diesel particulate filters and emission control catalysts found in mobile, stationary, and industrial applications. The company has deep technical and commercial experience in catalyst design and application, positioning it to buy material directly, or to help customers recycle their precious metal bearing materials.

“From a cultural and commercial perspective, we cannot think of a better partner than Hensel Recycling.  We look forward to expanding our capabilities and our customer reach with an East Coast location, while taking advantage of Hensel Recycling’s highly regarded commercial and technical experience in the precious metals recycling industry.” Brad Edgar, CEO, Red Fox Resources.

The additional recycling capacity of Red Fox Resources will allow Hensel Recycling to better serve the American market. The newly acquired location on the West Coast also enables optimization of logistics processes, resulting in more flexible and faster service to customers and lower shipping costs. This will not only help Hensel Recycling to become more competitive but will also reduce its carbon footprint by reducing long transportation routes.

This strong partnership perfectly combines the resources and strengths of both companies to enhance procurement services, analytical methods, processing capabilities and smelter relationships.

“The partnership with Red Fox Resources will expand our North American footprint to include a geographic presence in California and the West Coast. Red Fox’s focus on the heavy-duty vehicle and industrial markets will provide us with new streams of material to process. Over the years, Red Fox has been a reliable and valued supplier, and we look forward to integrating them into our business.” Andreas Friesen, President of Hensel Recycling North America, Inc.

Red Fox Resources will remain headquartered in Oakland, California and will open a new facility in West Berlin, NJ. The company will remain an independent brand within the Hensel Recycling Group. Dr. Brad Edgar will continue to lead the Red Fox team in Oakland.

About Hensel Recycling

The Hensel Recycling Group, headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany, has been one of the leading international companies in precious metal recycling since 1998. With more than 240 employees in nine countries, the group offers its customers a complete range of services for the recycling of materials containing precious metals, such as automotive and industrial catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, e-scrap, and critical raw materials from the hydrogen economy. Further information can be found at: www.hensel-recycling.com

About Hensel Recycling North America

Founded in 2009, Hensel Recycling North America is the United States subsidiary of the Hensel Recycling Group. Located in West Berlin, New Jersey, the company has world-class milling, sampling, and blending capabilities and can process a variety of precious metal-bearing materials, including ceramics, metal foils, oxygen sensors, and e-waste. It receives material from customers throughout the Americas and has a global network of smelting and refining partners.

About Red Fox Resources

Founded in 2013, and located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Red Fox Resources recycles emission control catalyst material from commercial sources including diesel particulate filters (DPFs), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) and three-way catalysts (TWC) from trucks, buses, and industrial applications at the end of their useful lives. Red Fox purchases precious metals bearing catalyst material from businesses and public agencies throughout North America. Further information can be found at: www.redfoxresources.com