Hensel-Recycling Churfranken Triathlon is being held for the 10th time on the 15th of July

of 16 February 2018
Churfranken Triathlon

2018 is an anniversary year!

And there are two good reasons to celebrate. The Hensel-Recycling Churfranken Triathlon is being held for the 10th time and, we at Hensel Recycling, as the title sponsor, are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our company. We are proud of both milestones and see them as both a sign of a sporting tradition that we have come to love and of our entrepreneurial continuity. “Our triathlon” is a permanent fixture in the Hensel Recycling calendar of events. But even more than that, it is an important occasion in the sporting and cultural landscape of the lower Main region of Churfranken.

A friendly family atmosphere, and national significance are appropriate descriptions that reflect both the Hensel Recycling Triathlon and our company. The tireless commitment of the event organiser TriPaul, which is lived and endorsed by André “Paul” himself, supported by numerous helpers, as well as regional partners, all constitute the healthy “medium-sized” blend with which we identify and which we have enjoyed being a part of for more than a decade.

Once again, newcomers, committed amateur athletes, professionals and teams alike will be competing over the various distances. As is the case in our company, success is built on the cooperation between fresh trainees, dynamic drivers and seasoned old hands – each in its own area. The right dose of hard work, discipline and fun is the hallmark of a good employee, just as it is of successful sports people. And that’s why we as a company have felt such a close connection with the Hensel Recycling Churfranken Triathlon for the past 10 years.

This year we are again looking forward to a successful event at the Niedernberg “Honisch Beach”, to a great atmosphere, to excellent weather, and to having our own participants take part as well.

Make sure you’re part of the 10th Hensel Recycling Churfranken Triathlon when the starting signal is given and look forward with us to an exciting competition and enjoyable time spent with friends and Family.

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