Hensel Recycling Churfranken Triathlon – a complete success

of 31 July 2017
Team Hensel Recycling 2017

The 9th Hensel Recycling Churfranken Triathlon started in perfect weather in Niedernberg am Honischbeach on Sunday, 16 July. The “sprint relay”, “individual sprint” and “individual Olympic distance” races were fully booked with more than 600 participants overall. A large crowd cheered the athletes on at the start of the course, at the edge of the routes, and at the finish line.

Of course, Hensel Recycling as the title sponsor also put its own participants forward: Petra Häger (swimming), Yannik Kügler (cycling) and Silke Martens (running) formed a relay team in the sprint competition*. The motivated team crossed the finishing line at the Hans-Hermann-Halle in 1 hour 33 minutes. Clemens Hensel tackled the sprint route in the individual competition and reached the finishing line after 1 hour 31 minutes. Michael Sauer started in the Olympic distance for the first time taking 3 hours 1 minute.

From left to right: Yannik Kügler, Silke Martens, Petra Häger, Michael Sauer and Clemens Hensel

Whilst the participants gave their all to achieve a good time, the spectators were able to treat themselves to snacks in glorious weather.

We would like to convey our respect to all the participants for taking part in this challenging competition. We particularly congratulate our colleagues for their amazing achievements.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Andre Dwehus (better known as Paul) for organising the event so well, as always. We look forward to working together in 2018 on the 10th Hensel Recycling Churfranken Triathlon on 15.07.2018.


*The distances

Olympic distance – swimming: 1.5 km, cycling: 43 km, running: 10 km
Sprint: swimming: 0.5 km, cycling: 20 km, running: 5 km

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