Hagl Recycling: Customer from the outset

of 6 June 2018
Hensel Recycling und Hagl Recycling

We say “Thank you for your loyalty over the 20 years”

Long-term partnerships that are based on trust with customers, suppliers and business partners – that’s what Hensel Recycling has represented, for 20 years. Ultimately, for nothing beats the security of knowing that you can rely on your partner at all times. We have a very special partnership with Hagl Recycling. The company, which is based in the Upper Bavarian town of Rudelzhausen, has remained loyal to us from our inception – 1998. The first collection all those years ago was from Hagl Recycling. And, of course, that has to be celebrated. That’s why we visited the company at their facility and enjoyed a conversation with Martin Hagl, the owner of the company and Edwin Lambert, managing director, over a traditional Bavarian sausage breakfast.

Traditional and modern

Hagl, a long-established company, can look back on more than 50 years of experience in the field of car dismantling / scrap metal trade and container service. The brainchild of Adolf Hagl, the father of the current owner Martin Hagl, a small car dismantling or scrap metal business was founded on his farm in 1966. “The first car that my father had on the yard was his uncle’s old vehicle – that’s what started it all”, remembers Martin Hagl. In the years that followed, Adolf Hagl gradually expanded the business, moving to his own company premises before handing over the business to his son Martin in 1990. He too brought his own ideas to life and gradually expanded the range of services. Scrap was followed by bulk waste, paper and plastic. The investment in a container service in particular has continued to pay dividends right up to the present day. The company now has more than 800 containers in circulation – and this is on the increase. “By expanding our offering, we also needed more staff. We currently have 14 employees who make sure everything runs smoothly”, explained managing director Edwin Lambert.

Growing market demands

The recycling business has changed for the entire industry over the last few years. Whilst there were some gaps in knowledge about the market and the individual material groups 20 years ago, today all market participants are much better informed and have a deeper knowledge. “Nowadays, our customers, such as car workshops, have much more state of the art equipment and have become much more discerning. It’s not just our own technical equipment that has to be kept in perfect condition, our vehicles and containers do too,” reflected Hagl. From all sides, new demands are being placed on the recycling processes and particularly on having comprehensive documentation. “That’s why it is important for us to work with partners who we can rely on at all times. With Hensel Recycling we just know that everything works perfectly – from placing the order, to collecting the goods, right up to processing and comprehensive documentation”, said Martin Hagl. “Documentation is a particularly crucial issue in our business at the moment. We undergo constant checks and controls because it is essential that everything is 100 percent transparent and trackable, and that people can rely on their business partners”, continued Hagl.

United by values

Honesty, fairness and stability are central values that unite both companies and are the ingredients for a successful recipe together. Along with the conditions, personal contact and communication on equal terms make all the difference – they‘re the icing on the cake if you like. “The chemistry just has to be right!”, Hagl and Lambert were keen to stress. Hagl has a clear vision for the future: “We will continue to invest and expand our recycling business over the next few years.” As well as various enhancements to its technology and machinery, the company will also work on promoting its marketing. “We are facing the future with confidence and arming ourselves specifically for the challenges to come”, explained Hagl. “The next generation is already in the starting blocks and ready to run the family business by the 3rd generation. Then nothing stands in the way of the next 20 years”.

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