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BEST4HY H2020 project: stock of the situation after one year

Promising results for the BEST4Hy EUH2020 project, after about a year from its launch. The well-established Consortium continues with its activities and its research on the development and validation of existing and novel recycling processes for both PEM (proton exchange membrane) and SOC (solid oxide cells) fuel cells, with widening approval also from some organisations that joined the final BEST4Hy Advisory Board this summer.

Women in the recycling industry

Anna Marchisio, Business Development Manager at Hensel Recycling, is featured in the current issue of “Recycling International” magazine with an interview on “Women in the recycling industry”. Born in Italy, she has been Business Development Manager at Hensel Recycling since 2015 and has been active in the precious metals recycling industry since 2005.

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