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Metal foil converter recycling at Hensel Recycling

Different types of catalytic converters contain different cores, either a ceramic monolith or a metal foil with platinum, palladium, and rhodium. For both types, Hensel Recycling offers sustainable recycling solutions and professional sampling systems. How our foil catalyst processing works, we show you in our current videos – have a look!

Platinum ink and ionomer from fuel cells

Another great success in fuel cell recycling at Hensel Recycling. In addition to the recovery of platinum salt, we are pleased to announce that we have implemented another technology that allows us to recover the platinum ink as well as the ionomer (membrane) from fuel cells.

Fuel Cell Recycling News

Great achievement on the route to a sustainable Hydrogen Economy. Our team at Hensel Recycling has produced the first batch of Platinum yellow salt – ammonium hexachloroplatinate – from fuel cell recycling.

Annual Christmas donation to the Children’s Hospital in Aschaffenburg

In 2022, Hensel Recycling continues its Christmas campaign “Donating instead of gift giving” and supports the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Aschaffenburg. For more than 10 years, this heart project has grown into a very fond tradition. Instead of Christmas presents for customers and business partners, the family business, with its headquarters in Aschaffenburg-Obernau, supports the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

company network climate protection

Mehr als 450 Gründungsmitglieder sind es, die bereits zum Start des Unternehmens­netzwerks Klimaschutz am 3. Mai 2022 Teil der Initiative sind. Auch Hensel Recycling ist mit dabei! Grundlage für die Zusammenarbeit der Unternehmen im Unternehmensnetzwerk Klimaschutz ist ein gemeinsames Selbstverständnis als klimabewusste Unternehmen.

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