of 21 December 2017
Clemens Hensel übergibt einen Scheck an die Klinikleitung

On 1 December, Clemens Hensel handed a cheque for EUR 2,500 to Prof. Jörg Klepper, Senior Consultant at the Hospital for Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine, and Stefan Kittel, Treasurer on the board of the Children’s Hospital supporting association, and was able to see the effectiveness of the measures for himself.

For the fourth year in a row, Hensel Recycling is supporting the funding project of the Children’s Hospital and, as a result, is making a substantial contribution to the success of the social project.  “Continuing with our donations is very important to us”, stressed Clemens Hensel when he handed over the donation at the hospital in Aschaffenburg.

The music therapy project is designed for the little ones in our region, who have had a difficult start in life or who have suffered problems with their health or have not received proper care (neglect, abuse etc.), and who need various types of active support, including music therapy, to help them return to a “normal” life.

Mrs Breszki, a music therapist, comes to the Aschaffenburg Children’s Hospital regularly (once a week) to actively support these children through music therapy. Many children have a bit of a rocky start when they are first confronted with the musical instruments, of which there is now an abundance.
But during the course of the treatment, a musical exchange gradually develops between patients and therapists, and a new way to open up to life is discovered. This form of communication enables the little patients to make new progress on their road to recovery and reveals new found confidence in the faces of the children.

“Without funding, such as the support we receive from Hensel Recycling, this would not be possible”, explains Prof. Jörg Klepper in conversation with Clemens Hensel. The resources provided by the health insurance funds do not often stretch to this type of advanced therapy. As the hospital now has a lot of instruments, the donations can be invested directly the actual implementation of the therapy by Mrs Breszki, an experienced music therapist. And this means that, in addition to the individual therapy sessions, it will soon be possible to offer group sessions for those children who have already had some experience with the therapy.

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