Our contribution to resource conservation

Environmental management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001

The recovery of precious metals from secondary sources is gaining in importance as it represents a much more ecological option compared to mine production. Our personal commitment, professional methods and precise, trackable processes are what we use to recover your precious metals and make an important contribution to resource conservation in the process. Our mission is to continuously increase the recycling quotas and to consider not just the technical feasibility, but the ecological impact as well.

You can find our environmental certificates here

Social Responsibility

Adding value to our society

Our social responsibility is based on distinct columns. Fairness and decency, as well as responsible conduct, are at the heart of how we work together providing ourselves, our customers and our society with true added value.

We take responsibility for …

A basic principle of our philosophy is relating to our employees as people. Only they can deliver true value for our company.

We show our appreciation for our employees and the human way in which we relate to each other through:

  • flat hierarchies
  • flexible working times which meet personal requirements to better combine work and family
  • active protection of non-smokers
  • company pension scheme
  • support for trainees coupled with fair remuneration
  • education and training programs
  • looking after health needs with sporting activities, such as active breaks

Our concept of social responsibility means that all our partners demonstrate extensive social responsibility as well. That’s why important criteria for selecting our partners are:

  • friendly interaction with employees and a pleasant working environment
  • active climate protection
  • social commitment measured on company earnings

The weak and strong exist in every society. Our concept of social justice has its roots in the principle of give and take.

That’s why we are involved in charitable associations, organisations and funding projects, and help the disadvantaged and those in need of help by donating money and goods. For many years now, instead of giving Christmas presents to our customers, we have been donating to different aid organisations and have supported selected projects over a longer period.


Deeply rooted in our region

The closeness to the region in which we have our head office is very important to us. That’s why we provide targeted support to cultural and sporting activities and other institutions, such as the Hensel Recycling Churfranken Triathlon or TV Großwallstadt in the second handball league.

A couple of examples

Current projects

Here we support you with good grace
Girls' Day 2019

The 19th Girls' Day took place on 28 March. Businesses and organisations invited schoolgirls from the 5th grade upwards to find out about professions in the manual trades, engineering, IT and sciences.

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At the end of November, 14 students from the Friedich-Dessauer-Gymnasiums (FDG) in Karlstein visited the company. The ninth graders were addressing the topic of recycling and various separation processes and material compositions in the course of the so-called ”Junior-Ingenieur-Akademie (JIA)“ (Junior Engineer Academy). The goal of the excursion was to deepen their theoretical knowledge in practice.

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Hensel Recycling continues to support music therapy project

Hensel Recycling has been a member of Society for the Promotion of the Children’s Clinic for many years and regularly helps the organisation with its work. “By now, it is almost a tradition for our company, and supporting the Children’s Clinic and the support organisation is a cause close to our hearts,” says Oliver Krestin.

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