Creating new solutions through unique innovations

We endeavour to be your first choice in the recovery of precious metals. With this in mind, we look out for trends and search for suitable recycling solutions. Our employees consider changes in technologies, laws or global market prices as challenges and use their expertise and pioneering spirit to create new ways to recover precious metals.

The way we work is characterised by constant improvement. That’s why our experts always have their finger on the pulse, optimising recycling processes and collaborating in research projects with enterprises and scientific institutes. At the same time though, we are also happy to look outside our world of precious metals and take inspiration from other industries to offer you value-added services.

Our current R&D projects

LIFE Project ICARRE 95
The EU guideline 2005/53/CE requires a reutilisation and recycling quota of 95% from end-of-life vehicles. Against this backdrop, several companies, under the direction of Renault in France, have joined forces in a joint project to achieve this ambitious goal. A model for 30,000 vehicles per year is being developed which can then be adapted as a reference for other countries in the EU. The project focuses on the glass, textile, foam, plastic and non-ferrous metal materials in vehicles. Our expertise in the reutilisation of catalytic converters is our contribution to the project.

Internal development

In-house we also listen to market demands and customer requirements and develop new processes and machinery. The most recent examples include the semi-automated dismantling of catalytic converters from trucks and the 20-way sample divider.

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