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At the end of November, 14 students from the Friedich-Dessauer-Gymnasiums (FDG) in Karlstein visited the company. The ninth graders were addressing the topic of recycling and various separation processes and material compositions in the course of the so-called ”Junior-Ingenieur-Akademie (JIA)“ (Junior Engineer Academy). The goal of the excursion was to deepen their theoretical knowledge in practice.

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Hensel Recycling continues to support music therapy project

Hensel Recycling has been a member of Society for the Promotion of the Children’s Clinic for many years and regularly helps the organisation with its work. “By now, it is almost a tradition for our company, and supporting the Children’s Clinic and the support organisation is a cause close to our hearts,” says Oliver Krestin.

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10th Hensel Recycling Churfranken Triathlon

Fantastic weather and gold balloons rising up into the deep blue sky before the starting pistol sounded – the backdrop for the 10th Hensel Recycling Churfranken Triathlon could hardly have been more beautiful. More than 700 sportsmen and women were at the starting line of the anniversary triathlon on 15 July 2018. 21 came from within the ranks of Hensel Recycling, three of them even started in the “Olympic” category.

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Collection of materials containing precious metals, such as end-of-life catalytic converters from car dismantlers.

The materials are then picked up and classified by our experts.

The precious-metal-bearing carrier material and the non-precious-metal-bearing steel casing are separated.

The precious-metal-bearing components are then ground to a fine homogeneous powder.

The subsequent sampling process is used to collect a small representative sample of material on the basis of which a valuation is made for several tonnes of material.

The material from the homogeneous powder is enriched in the pyrometallurgical refining process and high-purity precious metal is obtained.

This is followed by the physical provision of the precious metals (as bars, sponge, powder). We offer a range of comprehensive services in precious metal management – from a precious metal account to precious metal trading.

Ultimately, the precious metals recovered are used for new, mostly industrial purposes, such as in mobile phones or catalytic converters.

Collection and classification
Sampling and value determination
Precious metals
Industrial usage

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IPMI 43nd Conference in Reno, Nevada

IPMI’s 43st Annual Conference will be held in Reno, Nevada, from June 15-18, 2019 . Numerous lectures, as well as the possibility for extensive networking will attract the representatives of the precious metals industry to Reno.

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