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Thank you for visiting our website. We are your first choice when it comes to recovering precious metals. Get to know our company and our wide range of precious metal recycling services. It doesn’t matter whether they’re from catalytic converters, electronic scrap or other materials; you’ve come to the right place. Find out about the paths your materials take through our company and the technologies we use to process them.

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Hensel Recycling supports "Stadtradeln"

Aschaffenburg in the Main lowlands is particularly good for cycling. The ‘City cycling’ nationwide campaign is designed to get people enthusiastic about bike riding, for example, on their way to work. In the period from 26.06.-16.07.2017, the registered participants collect points for every kilometre cycled. There are team and individual rankings.

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The Environment Agency issued the “Environmental permit” for Hensel Recycling

British authorities issued the necessary permit to recycle catalytic converters for our office in Slinfold in November 2016. ‘At the early stage we contacted the consulting firm Wiser Environment that guided us along the whole way to get the permit from Environmental Agency’, explains Frank Rettinger, Managing Director of Hensel Recycling (UK) Ltd. in Slinfold.

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Hensel Recycling and Heraeus commit to strategic cooperation for processing of precious metals

Hensel Recycling and Heraeus signed a long-term cooperation contract for the processing of precious metals containing material. Heraeus will recycle precious metal containing material collected by Hensel Recycling, taking over the corporate division Vino Plasma in Karlstein (near Aschaffenburg) for this purpose. Vino Plasma operates one of the world's most modern plasma smelting furnaces for the recovery of platinum group metals (platinum, palladium, rhodium), mostly from automotive catalysts.

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Collection of materials containing precious metals, such as end-of-life catalytic converters from car dismantlers.

The materials are then picked up and classified by our experts.

The precious-metal-bearing carrier material and the non-precious-metal-bearing steel casing are separated.

The precious-metal-bearing components are then ground to a fine homogeneous powder.

The subsequent sampling process is used to collect a small representative sample of material on the basis of which a valuation is made for several tonnes of material.

The material from the homogeneous powder is enriched in the pyrometallurgical refining process and high-purity precious metal is obtained.

This is followed by the physical provision of the precious metals (as bars, sponge, powder). We offer a range of comprehensive services in precious metal management – from a precious metal account to precious metal trading.

Ultimately, the precious metals recovered are used for new, mostly industrial purposes, such as in mobile phones or catalytic converters.

Collection and classification
Sampling and value determination
Precious metals
Industrial usage

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